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Frequently Asked Questions

   Q: How do I test my system ?

   A: You should test it every day and log the results. It should be tested with a tag in free space, at walking pace, through the centre of the aisle. 8 out of 10 is a pass.

   Q: Why is my tagging system is going bonkers ? Its bleeping all the time.

   A: All a tagging system has to do is detect tags. This problem can be often caused by 3 things. 1 - It can see a tag (90%), 2 - It can see a lot of radio noise it thinks is a tag (9.99%), 3 - Its broken (0.01%). I attend fault calls on systems that are 20+ years old just to find tags or replace dodgy light bulbs. They hardly breakdown.

   Q: My tags on some items dont work! Why ?

   A: Paper tags suffer more than hard tags from de tuning due to environment. Any metals close to the tag will shift its centre frequency and make it harder to be detected. Some items have hidden metal within them such as batteries or razor blades. The most useful information i can pass on is try one before you tag 500. If there is metal - test it !

   Q: My system does not work if I run through or hold the tag over my head. Why ?

   A: Running through the system regardless of whether an items is tagged or not is a sign of possible theft. Likewise people leaving your shop whilst holding their bags over their heads is more than likely a good indication of shop theft occurring. These systems are a deterrent against casual shop theft. It wont stop pro's kicking down your fire exits...

   Q: What is reconditioned ? Do you take them completely apart and rebuild them ?

   A: When we recondition an antenna system, we check for completeness, structural stability, functionality and no broken parts that would otherwise impede its performance. There will be noticeable scratches, the odd paint mark and maybe 3 out of 4 screws in the lids. 5 Days testing & then cleaned as best we can. We do not take them apart to rebuild them.

   Q: Can I return paper tags or AM labels ?

   A: No. These items are deemed consumable and non-returnable.

   Q: My order has taken 10 days to get to me - Why is this when you quote 5 days despatch time ?

   A: All our electronic products are tested for 5 days before we can ship them. Sometimes this process is extended due to weekends and/or bank holidays or even equipment failure. Once we have soak tested your item, it gets passed onto shipping for packing and dispatch. So yes sometimes it can take a little longer than a week before we can get it out.

   Q: What do I do when a live tag comes into my shop from off the street ?

   A: When a customer sets the tagging system off when they enter your store, it is very important to deal with it straight away. Find the tag and remove it, or hold the item until they leave your shop.

   Q: Can I return paper tags or AM labels ?

   A: No. These items are deemed consumable and non-returnable.

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