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Tag Fix

Deactivation of paper tags or AM labels require two maybe three separate components you will need to be aware of.  I.e. :

1. The deactivator electronics (housed in a small box) which may or may not have an integrated power supply.

2. A power supply which plugs into your mains supply via a 13 amp plug.

3. The last component in a deactivator is a pad. A pad holds some wires inside it to form an antenna, so that it can detect and deactivate paper tags or AM labels. Pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes from ‘hidden under counter’ pads to handheld or portable pads. Please scroll through the different types of pads available.

Deactivator electronics come in two types : ‘With or Without a buzzer’.

A deactivator without a buzzer is silent and you wont hear a peep out of it.

A deactivator with a buzzer will ‘BEEP’ when it detects a hard tag. Very useful as a double check system at the point of sale. It will be silent when it deactivates a paper tag or AM label.

The picture below shows 7 different types of 8.2Mhz deactivators. They all do the same job and they are all similar in size. Approximate dimensions would be 150mm x 100mm x 40mm.

What does a deactivator pad look like ? Click the up and down arrows to scroll through the different types

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