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Tag Fix

Hard tags are made from a selection of plastics, which hold a resonant circuit in a coil. The tagging system detects the resonance and alarms.  A clutch mechanism (the small dome shape on the back of the tag) holds the pin/lanyard secure until it is released by a ‘detacher’. Supplied in boxes of 500pcs. You will also need either a ‘pin’ or ‘lanyard’ that fastens the tag to the item (See below).  Click the up and down arrows to scroll through the types we have in stock.

Paper tags usually work on one frequency which is 8.2Mhz. They are made from very thin layers of polypropylene sandwiched by an aluminium coil which makes it resonant. The tagging system detects this resonance and alarms. Industry standard size is the 4cmx4cm. An electronic deactivator is used to deactivate the tag at the point of sale. We also stock 58Khz AM labels that are sensormatic compatible. For more information please look at the faq & fyi.  Click the up and down arrows to scroll through the tags we have in stock.

You can use the up and down arrows below to scroll through the tags we have in stock. Typically we supply 8.2Mhz and 58Khz but we can procure any frequency or tag type available.  Please be sure to read the FAQ & FYI page if you have any questions regarding which tag to use.

Metal pins that secure hard tags to items. They are supplied  in bags/boxes of 500.

Flat head pin £6

Domed head pin £8

Lanyards which are made of plastic covered steel wire rope. The lanyard forms a secure loop enabling ‘non-clothing’ items to be protected. Supplied in bags of 100pcs.

10cm(4”)£14  20cm(8”)£16  30cm(12”)£18

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